Royal Society meeting June 2016

Presentation 1. Analysis and simulation of the Long-Term / Large-Scale interactions of C, N and P in UK land, freshwater and atmosphere: IntroductionPDF icon LTLS_RS_Tipping_Intro.pdf
Presentation 2.  Modelling semi-natural terrestrial ecosystemsPDF icon LTLS_SemiNat_RS_20160607.pdf
Presentation 3. Modelling C, N & P cycling under agricultural systems in the UKPDF icon LTLS_RoyalSoc.Meeting_June2016_shibu.pdf
Presentation 4. The LTLS integrated modelPDF icon LTLS_RS_May2016_vab3.pdf
Presentation 5. Analysis and simulation of the Long-Term / Large-Scale interactions of C, N and P in UK land, freshwater and atmosphere: Concluding remarks

PDF icon LTLS_RS_Tipping_Closing_corrected.pdf

Poster 1. Introduction and Atmospheric Modelling and Measurements

PDF icon LTLSMega_01.pdf

Poster 2. In Situ Denitrification in Soils and Terrestrial Plant Diversity

PDF icon LTLSMega_02.pdf
Poster 3. Riverine organic carbon and Lakes research and modelPDF icon LTLSMega_03.pdf
Poster 4. Net primary productivity and PeatPDF icon LTLSMega_04.pdf
Poster 5. Erosion Modelling, Groundwater and WastewaterPDF icon LTLSMega_05.pdf
Poster 6. River Biology and ScenariosPDF icon LTLSMega_06.pdf